Five Days of Fun

August 01, 2016

by Julie

I'm all about camping - real camping in a tent - somewhere far, far away from crowds and picnic tables, and even out houses.  If you want to leave people behind you also have to leave niceties behind.  Just don't forget the toilet paper.

Unfortunately I do most of that kind of camping in my head.  The fates work against us and thwart our big trips before they begin.  And as much as I like that stuff, I have to admit to being lazy.  Sometimes just contemplating the packing, pre-cooking and planning involved exhausts me!

I resigned myself to sleeping in my own exceptionally comfortable home this weekend, but I wasn't about to spend the holiday on the couch.

This was the perfect opportunity to remember just how much we can do without ever getting very far from home.


We had out of town company - friends of the family who have known my parents since before I was even born.  Tom and Dad took Harry out for Mens' night at Shadow and Mom and I decided to take Cathy for a road trip to Creston and Crawford Bay.  Wine tasting and lunch on the deck at Skimmerhorn Winery was a wonderful, classy treat.  The cases of wine we bought barely fit in the back of Mom's car!  Crawford Bay, an artists community on Kootenay Lake, is famous for its unique stores overflowing with personality and talent.  My favourite is the North Woven Broom Co.  


On Friday Tom convinced me to subject myself to a round of golf on our home course, Shadow Mountain.  I love golf when I hit a good ball, but I'm at that point in life when I can only find time to play once a week.  This means I never get better.  Grrr!!  

Rick and Lynn joined us on the course and we finished up with dinner at St. Eugene.  The salmon was excellent, as was the post-game, post-dinner bottle of wine we shared on our deck.


It was on Saturday that we proved that Grandpa can fly.  And swim, luckily.  The girls gave him hell for leaving on his shoes and t-shirt, but they were impressed.  Their Dad's dives were much more graceful, but that's what they expect from him.  

This fun was had at Premier Lake, about an hours' drive from River's Crossing.  We were at the Rod and Gun Club day-use area, a fabulous spot for cliff jumping.


Sunday was relatively quiet.  After neglecting my household duties in favour of summer, I had an ungodly amount of laundry to do and needed to spend some time inside.  Nevertheless I dragged us out of the house and down the hill to the St. Mary's to fish and have a beer.  My youngest chose to stay home and do the dishes and pull weeds.  Seriously.  That's the choice I gave her. 

A knock on the door after our return from the river alerted us to the horse shoe game going on next door at Rick and Mel's.  It was Mel's birthday this weekend and time to celebrate!


On Monday I took the advice of a coworker and checked out Hahas Lake between Meadowbrook and Ta Ta Creek.  Only half an hour from home, it was a great spot.  We took the raft along and used it as a platform for swimming and fishing.  The doodle even jumped in a couple times, despite her disinterest in water.  The lake was easy to access, deep and warm.  Perfect for family fun!

Once again I'm thrilled to live in one of the most fun and beautiful parts of Canada!



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