Last summer my friend’s ten year-old daughter was fishing the St. Mary’s River when she caught more than she bargained for.  Her shouts drew our eyes to the swirling water in front of her taut line.  A hungry bull trout had latched onto the struggling fish she hooked and was giving Meg a good fight.  The bull trout came out the winner but it was quite the experience for all of us!

Outside of YouTube, scenes like this aren’t witnessed by many folks, and even in the Kootenays they’re rare.

Fishermen and women from around the world pay hundreds of dollars to fish on our pristine rivers.  Here at River’s Crossing we can honestly walk to the river and throw a line in whenever the river is open.

Your chances of catching something are better if you book a trip with St. Mary’s Angler or  Kimberley Fly Fishing, but a solitary evening on the river is always good for the soul.

Venture further afield and you find the Elk River, the Bull, the Flathead and the Kootenay, to name a few.  All of our rivers are serviced by qualified guides.

When you buy your fishing license be sure to check the BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations online or ask at Mountain Man Outdoors or the St. Mary’s Fly Shop to ensure you buy the right one!  Some of our rivers are ‘classified’ and require a special license.

- Julie, River's Crossing resident since 2012